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Terpenia specializes in the manufacture of organic full-spectrum cannabis extracts and flowers, fully compliant with EU standards and regulations. Our distribution network includes pharmacies, wholesalers, pharmaceutical companies, and research facilities worldwide.

Our goal is to provide the most natural, tolerable, and effective cannabinoid-based medication. With our research focused on pain therapy and palliative medicine, we aim to enhance patient care through innovative therapeutic approaches.

vertically integrated production

full spectrum extracts & flowers from organically grown Cannabis sativa L.

The cornerstone of our upcoming operations will be a 3.470m² state-of-the-art greenhouse, planned to be located in northern Greece. Here, we will cultivate purely organic medical cannabis, meticulously attending to plant genetics and data analysis.

Next to our greenhouse, we have our extraction facility, where we produce full-spectrum extracts containing a diverse array of cannabinoids, as well as numerous terpenes and flavonoids. Our commitment to quality ensures a consistent active ingredient content, resulting in end products offering both flexibility and safe dosages.



Cultivation & Extraction

We expect to deliver our products with an exceptional proportion of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids due to our careful and ecological cultivation practices, combined with our advanced on-site extraction process.


Plant & Human

We aim to advance the medical and therapeutic cannabis industry through genetic research and the cutting-edge application of human and plant science, following ethical, ecological and agronomic principles.

Clinical Trials

Advancing Novel Therapies

Our studies will be conducted in partnership with the Infectious Diseases & Immunology
Department as well as the Palliative Medicine and the Center for Rare Diseases of the University Hospital Bonn. 

From Plant to patient

We are fully committed to a sustainable, eco-friendly production model 

Our dedication extends to ecological and ethical production and business practices. We adhere strictly to traditional, GMO- and pesticide-free cultivation methods, ensuring compliance with modern quality standards and safety requirements. Environmental sustainability is our top priority within the company.

Who we are & How we work

Our team comprises of internationally acclaimed experts from the fields of medicine, molecular biomedicine and botany. Our goals include the sustainable, long-term development of treatments with a broad spectrum of applications.


We should understand the genetics of the cannabis plant, if we really want to understand its pharmacological possibilities

Dr. Pavlos Kokordelis, CEO

Cannabis-based medicines are increasingly considered as a treatment option for patients with neuropathic pain as well as with cancer or chronic non-cancer pain. Indeed, cannabis therapy can be an efficacious tool to help manage chronic pain and its consequences on functional and psychological dimensions.

Prof. Jürgen K. Rockstroh,
Scientific & Medical Board

Revealing the entanglement between rhizosphere and terpen profile will be one of the major scientific topics in modern medicinal cannabis cultivation.

Dr. Filip Fuchs, Head of production

research & development

Reducing Psychotropic Side Effects & Studying Entourage Compounds

The cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the key components of pharmaceutical cannabis extracts. However, the psychotropic effects of high doses of THC are generally considered undesirable in medical applications.

The forefront of our research and development efforts involves developing a compound based on natural cannabinoids with greatly reduced psychotropic side effects.

In addition to cannabinoids, other secondary plant substances found in Cannabis Sativa L., such as terpenes, are currently under investigation. These substances may have therapeutic applications themselves or, more importantly, interact pharmacologically with each other to produce a so-called entourage effect. We aim to commence studying these synergistic factors in the near future.


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Terpenia Phytotherapeutics P.C.


Terpenia specializes in cultivating and producing standardized medical cannabis extracts and flowers for the Greek and other European markets.

Our primary emphasis is on the development
of finished pharmaceutical formulations.

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